Thursday’s Headlines Wrote Themselves

  • Delivery drones are going to make life even more miserable for human workers and have hidden environmental costs. (The Conversation)
  • Autonomous vehicles were supposed to take humans’ questionable decision-making out of the equation. So of course it’s people’s fault if they misuse the technology. (Newsweek)
  • With Uber and Lyft prices rising, taxis are back. (Marketplace)
  • Even the last holdouts, like New York City and Seattle, are now embracing scooters. (Slate)
  • As the pandemic rages on, open-air transportation modes like bike-share and e-scooters are picking up ridership faster than transit in San Francisco. (Examiner)
  • Honolulu’s bike-share stopped losing money after tourists started coming back. (Hawaii Public Radio)
  • If you walk across the John Lewis Memorial Bridge in Seattle, no one and nothing will stand in your way. As it should be. (Stranger)
  • Like many cities, Boston is getting more congested again, but traffic is worse at midday instead of in the morning now. (WGBH)
  • Minneapolis’ Purple Line cleared a key hurdle to gaining federal funding. (Star Tribune)
  • Here’s where Cincinnati city council candidates stand on transportation. (WVXU)
  • Tempe’s streetcar isn’t so much about transporting low-income workers as it is about economic development (State Press). But Kansas City’s streetcar expansion would provide access to more jobs (KMBC)
  • Bike Walk Nashville is demanding more bike lanes after a driver killed a woman on a scooter. (News Channel 5)


Today’s Headlines

Obama administration shifts housing-policy focus to renting, not owning (Globe) Is federal stimulus money getting to NYC’s transit projects quickly enough? ( Texas GOP gubernatorial rivals face off over transportation (Morn News) Kansas puts off a $28m road project due to Washington’s uncertainty over funding (KC Biz Journal) Cyclists hold fundraiser for Oberstar (Bike Retailer […]

Today’s Headlines

Bike advocates thrilled with Oberstar’s transpo bill (The Hill) GM and Chrysler tell Congress not to mess with their dealership closure plans (AP) Bids for stimulus infrastructure projects coming in at surprisingly low amounts (GovExec) What the transit operating deficit hath wrought: an insufficient economic stimulus law (The Nation)