Thursday’s Headlines Wrote Themselves

  • Delivery drones are going to make life even more miserable for human workers and have hidden environmental costs. (The Conversation)
  • Autonomous vehicles were supposed to take humans’ questionable decision-making out of the equation. So of course it’s people’s fault if they misuse the technology. (Newsweek)
  • With Uber and Lyft prices rising, taxis are back. (Marketplace)
  • Even the last holdouts, like New York City and Seattle, are now embracing scooters. (Slate)
  • As the pandemic rages on, open-air transportation modes like bike-share and e-scooters are picking up ridership faster than transit in San Francisco. (Examiner)
  • Honolulu’s bike-share stopped losing money after tourists started coming back. (Hawaii Public Radio)
  • If you walk across the John Lewis Memorial Bridge in Seattle, no one and nothing will stand in your way. As it should be. (Stranger)
  • Like many cities, Boston is getting more congested again, but traffic is worse at midday instead of in the morning now. (WGBH)
  • Minneapolis’ Purple Line cleared a key hurdle to gaining federal funding. (Star Tribune)
  • Here’s where Cincinnati city council candidates stand on transportation. (WVXU)
  • Tempe’s streetcar isn’t so much about transporting low-income workers as it is about economic development (State Press). But Kansas City’s streetcar expansion would provide access to more jobs (KMBC)
  • Bike Walk Nashville is demanding more bike lanes after a driver killed a woman on a scooter. (News Channel 5)