Wednesday’s Headlines for All to See

  • Transit agencies are dusting off their wish lists of capital projects that could be funded by the infrastructure bill, while at the same time bracing for layoffs and service cuts as operating revenue dwindles. (Washington Post)
  • The Post editorial board admonishes President Biden for trying to have his climate policies and cheap gas, too.
  • Climate change is a local issue as well as a state, national and global one, but often local governments tackle air pollution as an issue unrelated to climate change when in fact the two are linked. (Grist)
  • Inside Climate News interviews Streetsblog contributor Courtney Cobbs about the lack of funding for transit compared to roads and the lack of bike infrastructure equity in Black neighborhoods.
  • Author and journalist Cory Doctorow‘s takedown of Uber pretty much covers all the bases.
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation throws New York City subway repairs and congestion pricing into doubt. (NY Times)
  • A movement for zero-emissions trucks in Southern California was hijacked by the natural gas industry, which paid residents who were unaware the money came from fossil fuel companies to speak out for “near zero” trucks over less polluting options, according to a Los Angeles Times investigation.
  • Charlotte’s efforts to relieve congestion are a mixed bag, from widening roads to building bike lanes to planning for better transit. (WFAE)
  • Bus rapid transit could help transform failed malls in suburban Atlanta. (Business Chronicle)
  • Seattle built seven miles of bike lanes in 2020 and the first half of 2021. (Seattle Times)
  • Nevada decriminalized jaywalking and other minor traffic offenses. (Independent)
  • A crash on Boston’s Green Line that injured 20 people raises questions about the T’s lack of safety technology. (Globe)
  • A startup that just went public pinky-swears that flying taxis are coming in three years, and they’ll be as cheap as an Uber. (Gizmodo)