Friday’s Headlines Are … Wait, It Is Friday, Right?

  • More than 600 U.S. cities have adopted climate pledges, but most of them lack any teeth. The new UN climate report is giving them new urgency. (USA Today)
  • CityLab interviews EPA Administrator Michael Regan about how the infrastructure bill is a test of the Biden administration’s commitment to environmental justice.
  • Infrastructure is expensive and takes a long time to build, and historically, the U.S. has a tendency to throw good money after bad because we have a hard time thinking ahead or weighing consequences. (The Conversation)
  • Even though drivers are supposed to stay engaged when using driver-assist systems, they all work with no one in the driver’s seat. (Car and Driver)
  • The National Resources Defense Council released a new toolkit to help transit agencies prioritize bus lines in an equitable way.
  • Here’s what the Senate infrastructure bill means for Georgia (Athens Banner-Herald), Vermont (Vermont Biz), Ohio (Go Erie), Maryland (Baltimore Sun), Alaska (Anchorage Daily News) and Hawaii (KHON).
  • Rush hour is back in California and worse than ever. (New York Times)
  • The Detroit suburb of Macomb County is spending $10 million to widen 23 Mile Road for more sprawl when 800 miles of existing roadway are in poor repair with no money to fix them. (Crain’s)
  • Boise took its first concrete step toward remaking State Street, a major thoroughfare, with bus rapid transit and bike lanes. (Idaho Statesman)
  • An Iowa City Press-Citizen columnist says we spend too much on highways and makes the case for rural passenger rail.
  • Toledo (Blade) and Boulder (Colorado Daily) are getting new e-bike and bike-share programs.
  • A guy in a band called the Bicycle Thieves rode his bike to a train station. You won’t believe what happened next (yes you will). (Daily Record)