Tuesday’s Headlines Will Never Stop Stopping

  • How cities revive transit ridership depends on whether the allure of urban living outweighs the benefits of working from home. (American Prospect)
  • NBC News takes an in-depth look into efforts to undo the damage done by freeways to neighborhoods in Syracuse, New Orleans and Los Angeles. In related news, even the conservative Washington Examiner says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right about the racist history of America’s highways.
  • Uber and Lyft drivers aren’t getting a share of the ride-hailing apps’ recent price surges. (The Guardian)
  • Democrats are turning against raising the gas tax, arguing it’s regressive and hurts the poor and middle class. (The Hill)
  • Monday was the start of Amazon Prime Day, which means city streets will soon be inundated with delivery vans. (City Lab)
  • Baltimore, Denver, Fort Collins, L.A., Madison, Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. are the winners of $50,000 NACTO grants for transportation projects to aid in pandemic recover. (American City and County)
  • A Dallas-to-Houston bullet train won a major victory when the Texas Supreme Court declined to review a lawsuit against it, clearing the way for use of eminent domain to acquire land. (Community Impact)
  • Andrew Yang is the only New York City mayoral candidate talking about wresting control of the subway away from the state. (Governing)
  • Almost 90 percent of funding set aside by the Minnesota DOT for disadvantaged contractors went to companies owned by white women, with just $20 million going to people of color. (Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal)
  • Amtrak has started work on a $4-billion tunnel replacement in Baltimore. (Sun)
  • Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson wants the Milwaukee streetcar shut down. (Fox 6)
  • An unexpected Federal Transit Administration grant will cover the remaining local share for a Pittsburgh bus rapid transit project. (Post-Gazette)
  • Washington, D.C. passed a Vision Zero bill, and now it needs to fund it, opines the Washington Post.
  • San Francisco has made Mission Street transit-only lanes permanent. (SFist)
  • Jacksonville transit will start collecting fares again in July. (Daily News)
  • E-scooter rides are back up in Charlotte after taking a dip during the pandemic. (WFAE)
  • Arizona police shot a suspect who plowed through a group of cyclists with a pickup truck, injuring seven. (12 News)