Monday’s Headlines to Start You Off

  • Kudos to former Streetsblog USA Editor Angie Schmitt for her story on how pickups have morphed from modest work trucks to monstrous symbols of toxic masculinity — with disastrous results for pedestrians. (Bloomberg)
  • Electric vehicles are increasingly catching on, with some nations and manufacturers planning to phase out internal combustion engines, but it could take decades to see any climate benefits. (New York Times)
  • President Biden wants a bipartisan infrastructure bill, but Republicans will fight efforts to raise taxes or address climate change. (CNBC)
  • The pandemic has forced cities to do what many transportation planners have long urged them to do — reconsider devoting so much valuable public space to parking. (Wired)
  • Uber and Lyft have agreed to share information on drivers who’ve been accused of sexual assault to ensure they’re banned on both apps. (NBC News)
  • The pandemic, a lack of public trust and liability issues may be dissuading investors from putting more money into autonomous vehicle research. (City Monitor)
  • A new study links adaptive cruise control to increased speeding and more crashes. (The Hill)
  • Two days before the Harris County sued the Texas DOT to halt the widening of I-5 through Houston, the Federal Highway Administration said it would review the project to see if it violates the Civil Rights Act. (Streetsblog)
  • The Dallas city council has until March 24 to endorse a subway route to stay in the running for a federal grant. (NBC DFW)
  • A proposed reroute of the Bottineau Blue Line would better serve north Minneapolis while leaving out Golden Valley. (Star Tribune)
  • The Atlanta city council is expected to vote today on a special tax district to fund completion of the Beltline, a 22-mile trail around the city. (Reporter)
  • A proposal to double Jacksonville’s gas tax to 12 cents would provide $447 million for transit over 30 years and pay for dozens of Complete Streets projects. (Florida Times-Union)
  • Opponents of Maryland’s Purple Line say it violates federal water protections. (Washington Post)
  • Washington, D.C. will resume enforcing parking laws in the coming weeks. (DCist)
  • Birmingham is adding “flex lanes” for cyclists, pickups and deliveries to 20th Street. (WBRC)
  • Londoners don’t just drive on the wrong side of the road — sometimes they don’t even drive on the road at all. (Glenn Wilson via Twitter)


Today’s Headlines

GM cars on the eBay auction site? It’s coming (NYT) 10 members of Congress dropped $500,000 on a taxpayer-funded trip to investigate global warming — seven of them ended up voting against the House climate bill (WSJ) Seattle orders up new fleet of diesel-hybrid buses (TreeHugger) Giving Mexican trucks access to the U.S. becomes a […]