Friday’s Headlines to Close it All Out

It's our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking here. Thanks.
It’s our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking here. Thanks.

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  • “Free” roads are a massive subsidy for rush-hour drivers. (City Observatory)
  • Supporting transit systems in crisis is essential for economic recovery. (National Resources Defense Council)
  • Great: Even soccer moms are ready to trade in their Volvos for a big ol’ honkin’ electric pickup truck (Bloomberg). On the bright side, e-bikes might be ready to replace motorcycles (Clean Technica).
  • Despite its doom-and-gloom predictions, Uber was able to raise driver without raising fares after New York City passed a minimum-wage law. (CNET)
  • Charlotte officials have an uphill battle getting North Carolina’s Republican-run legislature to sign off on a tax increase for transit (Observer).
  • In Nashville, the city council is poised to reject Mayor John Cooper’s transit expansion plan because it lacks detail, and the city can’t even provide basic services like sidewalk repair as it is. (Tennessean)
  • GM’s Cruise is testing fully autonomous cars without backup drivers in San Francisco. (The Verge)
  • The Twin Cities’ Metro Transit is starting to plan its next phase of bus rapid transit lines. (Star Tribune)
  • An advocacy group gave Baltimore transit its third straight D grade. Only 9 percent of jobs are accessible by transit, and the average commute is nearly an hour. (Sun)
  • A new study makes the case for a bullet train connecting Oregon, Seattle and Vancouver. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Cincinnati is installing its first raised sidewalk to make pedestrians more visible and get drivers to slow down. (WLWT)
  • A Philadelphia bus route connects two Latino neighborhoods 10 miles apart. (WHYY)
  • The U.K.’s first all-electric car charging station still looks like a giant truck stop. (The Verge)
  • Ingenious or Orwellian? Moscow is testing facial recognition as a way for people to pay transit fare. (Intelligent Transport)