Tuesday’s Headlines from Around Our Land

  • Better bus service is an often-overlooked climate change solution. (Yale Climate Connections)
  • Uber’s push to go emissions-free by 2040 will require a whole new, more efficient electric grid to succeed. (Quartz)
  • Traffic stops in Minneapolis are down 80 percent since George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, but the department is still pulling over a disproportionate number of Black drivers. (Bloomberg)
  • A Georgia sheriff’s deputy beat and choked a Black passenger who was riding in a Lyft that the deputy pulled over for a broken taillight. The deputy has been fired. (ABC News)
  • Philadelphia Magazine reimagines the City of Brotherly Love as an urbanist’s paradise, with cars banned from the center of town, a train on deadly Roosevelt Boulevard, sunken expressways, and cheaper and more frequent transit.
  • In the wake of ridership plummeting during the pandemic, Jacksonville is pivoting from fixed-route bus service to on-demand shuttles, while Miami is offering ride-hailing vouchers. (South Florida Reporter)
  • Five workers were injured when an Atlanta parking deck collapsed for the second time. (11 Alive)
  • With Baltimore transit once again on the chopping block, the Sun revisits how drivers killed off the streetcar system in the 1960s.
  • Washington, D.C.’s streetcar and circulator will return to normal service on Sunday. (DCist)
  • Portland’s new electric bike-share bikes have arrived, and BikePortland gives them two thumbs up.
  • Uber is back in court this week trying to keep London from revoking its license. (Business Insider)
  • Tokyo is making creative use of the space underneath its elevated railways. (City Lab)
  • The British city of Leeds is offering residents free e-bikes for two weeks in an effort to get them out of their cars. (CNBC)


We Need a Complete Solution to Climate Change

This morning, Jeff Wood at The Overhead Wire points us to a newly released measure of CO2 emissions from the Center for Neighborhood Technology (which just won a 2009 MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, BTW). He says maps like these help to show why changing land-use patterns is vital in the fight […]

Will “Crazy Technology” Thwart Climate Change?

Between automobile advertisements, ABC news reports on some far-out ideas to mitigate global climate change: Crazy-sounding ideas for saving the planet are getting a serious look from top scientists, a sign of their fears about global warming and the desire for an insurance policy in case things get worse. How crazy? There’s the man-made "volcano" […]

Find Yourself a City to Live In

Walking the walk in Cambridge Could energy-efficient American cities be a key weapon in the battle against climate change? In a recent Boston Globe op-ed piece, Douglas Foy (former secretary of the Office of Commonwealth Development and president of DIF Enterprises) and Robert Healy (city manager of Cambridge, Mass.) argue that they must be exactly […]