Friday’s Headlines From Around the Nation

  • Public transportation might never fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic (City Metric). Vancouver’s TransLink is laying off 1,500 workers and suspending 18 bus routes because it’s losing $75 million a month (CBC).
  • Conservative magazine The Federalist continues to falsely claim that transit spreads COVID-19. Such fears have automakers hoping that transit riders will buy cars (Automotive News).
  • With gas tax revenue falling and electric cars getting more popular, the U.S. needs a new way to pay for road maintenance. (The Drive)
  • John Forester, a controversial figure in the cycling community because he opposed bike lanes and advocated riding with traffic, has died at the age of 90. (Forbes)
  • If people keep working from home, walkable neighborhoods will spring to life. (Treehugger)
  • A Portland freeway is carrying more cars at higher speeds since the COVID-19 pandemic started because traffic has stayed just below the tipping point — showing that it’s pointless to try to relieve congestion by widening roads without managing demand. (City Observatory)
  • The transit union in Philadelphia called off a strike Thursday and will continue talks on coronavirus safety measures. (KYW)
  • Landscape Architecture muses about coronavirus and Boston’s Emerald Necklace.
  • Paris is creating 650 kilometers of pop-up bike lanes in preparation for easing lockdown May 11. (Forbes)
  • These NASA satellite images illustrate how idled vehicles and factories are clearing the air in India.