Thursday’s Headlines

  • President Trump just blew up the latest infrastructure talks by accusing Democrats of trying blame him for wanting to raise taxes. On the other side, The Hill reports that Democrats are wary of handing Trump a legislative victory. The Washington Post reviews the most recent “infrastructure week” and the six (6) that preceded it.
  • A Slate-pitchy BBC column suggests that maybe robot cars can be a little too cautious. Just another sign that they’re a long way away.
  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is borrowing $800 million to make up for payments it missed to transit agencies because of a lawsuit truckers filed over highway tolls. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  • WaPo commissioned a poll on D.C. transportation and lead with opposition to congestion pricing. Greater Greater Washington takes issue with the poll’s leading question on that issue and points out that big majorities support bus-only lanes.
  • Neighborhood and residents groups have filed a lawsuit seeking to scrap the proposed widening of I-30 through Little Rock. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)
  • It’s apparent from this Free Press article that Detroit’s QLine streetcar is about development and tourism, not moving residents where they need to go.
  • Cincinnati’s struggling streetcar is facing a $1.4 million deficit, upping the pressure for the city to cut ties. (Enquirer)
  • Salt Lake City business owners are freaking out about losing 20 parking spots for better bike and bus facilities. But if biking is safer and transit is more convenient, fewer people will drive, freeing up parking. (Tribune)
  • A week after e-scooters hit Omaha streets, police are ready to start ticketing riders on sidewalks. (KMTV)
  • A proposed gas-tax hike in Louisiana is dead, given that it’s an election year there, but the sponsor is calling for a special session to address infrastructure needs. (WBRZ)
  • Uber is in a war with the Argentinian government over whether it’s a transportation company. (City Lab)
  • Honolulu is using stencils at dangerous intersections to remind pedestrians to “look all ways.” How about stenciling cars’ dashboards while you’re at it? (KITV)

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