Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Three signs your city is serious about road safety. (Clean Technica)
  • House Democrats should pass an infrastructure bill to let voters know what they stand for, even if it is DOA in Mitch McConnell’s Senate. (Washington Monthly)
  • Electric bikes are becoming more popular as new models get lighter. (Portland Press Herald)
  • In preparation for D.C. Metro construction that will shut down six stations this summer, Alexandria, Va., is cutting parking rates in garages to discourage drivers from circling neighborhoods, stepping up bus service and adding water taxis. (WTOP)
  • The carnage in San Francisco continues, as drivers killed a pedestrian and a motorcyclist on Saturday, bringing this year’s traffic death toll to 14. (Weekly)
  • Planned Twin Cities bus rapid transit lines need help from the state. Should funding come from new taxes Democrats want, or a $1 billion budget surplus, as Republicans propose? (MinnPost)
  • Seattle’s Sound Transit has chosen a contractor to design and build the $1.4-billion Federal Way light rail extension. (Kent Reporter)
  • The Durham-Orange light rail line is dead, but Research Triangle residents will still see transit improvements in the coming year. (Raleigh News & Observer)
  • Construction of an unpopular parking lot at the Memphis Zoo is set to start this summer. (Fox 13)
  • Whereas most cities have been designed around men’s commuting patterns, the neighborhood of Aspern in Vienna, Austria, was specifically planned with women and families and mind. And it shows, from the apartment layouts to the public spaces. Even the streets are all named for woman. (Guardian)
  • Newsflash: Driving is faster than scooting, and scooting is faster than walking — at least in downtown Austin, Tex. (KVUE) But is it really worth the five minutes you save to drive?

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