Thursday’s Headlines

  • With scooters surpassing docked bike-shares as the car alternative of choice, Curbed highlights five cities — Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Memphis and Ithaca, N.Y. — that are expanding bike-shares into underserved communities, for example by reaching out to seniors and Spanish speakers, investing public money and offering more types of bikes.
  • In addition, Indianapolis’s Pacers Bikeshare is expanding outside of downtown (WTHR). And Minneapolis’s Nice Bikes is responding to the changing marketplace by adding an e-bike fleet (Minnesota Public Radio).
  • A company called Spinlister is disrupting the already-disrupted mobility industry by providing bike shops with a way to rent out their fleets. (Outside)
  • With Virgin Rail Group outperforming Amtrak in Florida, privately owned rail operators could be the next frontier for venture capital. (Mobility Lab)
  • Streetsblog’s Angie Schmitt eviscerated the Phoenix City Council deadlocking on Vision Zero, essentially allowing pedestrian deaths to continue to skyrocket for drivers’ convenience.
  • Nothing is a bigger waste of land than surface parking, and Cleveland recently sold an unused lot to a developer. (News 5)
  • Houston Public Media talks to a city commissioner who earmarked $10 million to build 19 miles of bike lanes in his underserved precinct.
  • Sound Transit is seeking public input on a light rail line connecting Seattle and Tacoma. (KIRO)
  • Denver’s long-awaited G line opens on Friday. (CBS 4)
  • Sony is launching a taxi-hailing app in Japan, where ride-hailing services like Uber are illegal. (CNet)

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  1. Hold on, Brightline is running on track that directly runs up the coast that Amtrak would kill to be on instead of the meandering route that goes from nowhere to nowhere. And Brightline still is charging “introductory” fares as they hemorrhage money. If you want to compare to Amtrak you at least have to be fair about it.

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