Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Brussels went mostly car-free for a day, and carbon pollution fell by 80 percent. Imagine that. (Eltis)
  • Technology is not going to save cities from congestion. Whether they have human drivers or computers, cars will always take up more space per passenger than trains. (Boston Globe)
  • Transit advocates continually have to justify the D.C. Metro’s existence because the city’s suburbs were built for cars, with rail lines subbing for unbuilt freeways. (Mobility Lab)
  • Lyft just hired a former Obama Administration Transportation secretary. (CNN Business). The move comes ahead of a big IPO. (LA Times)
  • Passenger rail between Ann Arbor and Traverse City would attract 1.5 million riders and generate $100 million a year, according to a study. The Michigan Land Use Institute is pushing to start up such a line by 2025. About 90,000 college students live along the route. (Up North Live)
  • A Chicago news station actually covered bike lane blocking the right way, treating cyclists as actual human beings! (CBS2)
  • Sure, maybe it’s a little self-serving, but Uber is lobbying for congestion pricing to reduce traffic on city streets, and its first target is Seattle. (Curbed)
  • Bend, Ore. cyclists are upset that the city took away bike lanes on Purcell Boulevard. The city says too many drivers were hitting bike riders while turning, so of course the bikes had to go. (KBND)
  • Louisville is the latest city to regulate dockless e-scooters. (Insider)
  • A bike-share in Toledo, Ohio starts up next week (WTOL), and one in Wichita, Kan. is expanding by 100 bikes (Eagle).
  • Philadelphia’s transit agency asked Twitter for help picking a new mascot, with predictable results. (Inquirer)

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