Monday’s Headlines

  • The percentage of Seattle workers who commute by bike has declined to its lowest level since 2007. The Seattle Times speculates that’s because of construction, congestion and slow progress on infrastructure.
  • The board of the Atlanta-area transit system MARTA will vote Thursday on a plan to expand transit. But questions remain: Is $2.7 billion enough money? Is the project list too heavy on new projects and too light on maintenance? And will notoriously car-happy Atlantans use the new services? (AJC)
  • The Wall Street Journal called Pinellas County, Fla.,  the “most dangerous place to bicycle in America.” That may not be entirely accurate, but the Tampa/St.Pete area is plenty dangerous. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • The Federal Transit Administration has released $366 million for 107 state and local transit projects.
  • Ride-hailing apps are cutting into public transit ridership. For transit users, that could mean service cuts or higher fares. But even drivers should care, because that means vehicles are driving more miles, increasing congestion. (Dallas News)
  • Dirty deeds: Uber has reached a settlement with state attorneys general to pay $148 million in damages for a hack that stole the personal information of 57 million users (CNN). And, in case you missed it, Elon Musk will pay a $20-million fine and step down as Tesla CEO after that crazy tweet about his intention to take the company private. (CNN)
  • In response to rising pedestrian deaths, Phoenix is improving crosswalks, but also cracking down on people who don’t use them. At Arizona State University, some worry that African Americans will be targeted. (State Press)
  • D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is proposing drastically raising fines for traffic violations. Going 25 miles per hour over the speed limit could cost drivers $500, if the city council approves. (Washington Post)
  • Milwaukee’s new 2.5-mile streetcar loop, The Hop, officially opens Nov. 2. (Journal Sentinel)
  • Durham, N.C. is planning new bike lanes on parts of 10 streets. (Herald Sun)

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