Friday’s Headlines

  • Asheville police issued a report on reforms spurred by an officer beating, choking and using a stun gun on a black man he accused of jaywalking. (WLOS)
  • Portland is testing pre-fab islands that would keep buses from having to pull up to the curb to pick up passengers, blocking bike lanes. (BikePortland)
  • Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley hopes replacing on-street parking with a bike lane and bumped-out sidewalk will create a “European cafe culture” on Main Street. (Capitol Gazette)
  • Nashville has moved one street’s bike lanes from the edges to the middle of the road. The change has confused some, but others love it. (News Channel 5)
  • It sounds crazy, given the bike-share backlash gripping many cities, but Chinese startup Hellobike thinks there’s still plenty of room for growth. (CNBC)
  • Outside asks whether dockless e-scooters are destroying cities or saving them.
  • Kansas City needs a coherent transportation policy to cut through the clutter on city streets, opines the Star.
  • D.C.’s dockless bike and scooter program is no longer dockless. (WAMU)
  • One Seattle business is worried that Complete Streets will take away customers’ parking, and doesn’t seem to consider that customers might also arrive by bike or bus. (KING)
  • An Uber driver talks about how hard it is to dodge e-scooters. So where’s the story about scooter riders having to dodge cars? (WBUR)


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