Today’s Headlines

  • Rail vs. Bus Rapid Transit Fight Continues in Miami-Dade (Herald)
  • How Should Massachusetts Fund Transportation? (Commonwealth)
  • Kansas City Will Roll Out Plan to Make City Better for Biking (Star)
  • Two Seattle Bike-Share Companies Forbid Users From Suing Them (KIRO)
  • Western College Towns Dominate List of Safest Cities to Bike (Next City)
  • Why Is Iowa So Dangerous for Cycling? (Waterloo Courier)
  • Bikelash Brews in St. Petersburg, But Mayor Still Backs Project (TB Times)
  • Columbia, SC, Will Start Reversing Road Diet Tuesday (WACH)
  • Champaign-Urbana Introduces Bike Boxes (News-Gazette)
  • After Complaints, Store Discourages Parking in Bike Lane (Philly Mag)

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