Today’s Headlines

  • Texas DOT’s Freeway Expansion Plan Would Devastate Downtown Dallas (D Mag)
  • Detroit’s Seven-Lane Jefferson Avenue Goes on Road Diet (MLive)
  • Philadelphia “Ride of Silence” Comes Days After Driver Killed a Bike Courier (Philly Mag)
  • Minneapolis Tests Bus-Only Lane on Hennepin (Southwest Journal)
  • Atlanta Transit Advocates: Light Rail Proposed for BeltLine Isn’t Enough (Curbed)
  • Rochester Asks for Ideas for Complete Street Makeovers (Rochester First)
  • Successful Bike-Share Programs Require Planning (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Do Cyclists Belong on Sidewalks? (WAMU, Everett Herald)
  • E-Scooter Pilot Program Launches in Honolulu (KHON)
  • Did You Notice That This Week Is Infrastructure Week, Again? (Bond Buyer)

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. “Freeway Expansion Plan Would Devastate Downtown Dallas ”
    You dudes’ pearl clutching is getting more and more comical.
    What’s next?
    “Lack of streetcare to RAZE Nashville”?
    “Albuquerque’s BRT failure EXTINGUISHES ALL LIFE in New Mexico”?

  2. Did you even click on the linked article? The headline of that article, in D Magazine, is “TxDOT’s Secret Plan to Destroy Downtown Dallas.” If you think that’s over the top, go complain to D Magazine.

  3. I did click through.
    The fact that both headline writers are completely untethered from reality is no defense of StreetsBlog.

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