Today’s Headlines

  • Texas DOT’s Freeway Expansion Plan Would Devastate Downtown Dallas (D Mag)
  • Detroit’s Seven-Lane Jefferson Avenue Goes on Road Diet (MLive)
  • Philadelphia “Ride of Silence” Comes Days After Driver Killed a Bike Courier (Philly Mag)
  • Minneapolis Tests Bus-Only Lane on Hennepin (Southwest Journal)
  • Atlanta Transit Advocates: Light Rail Proposed for BeltLine Isn’t Enough (Curbed)
  • Rochester Asks for Ideas for Complete Street Makeovers (Rochester First)
  • Successful Bike-Share Programs Require Planning (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Do Cyclists Belong on Sidewalks? (WAMU, Everett Herald)
  • E-Scooter Pilot Program Launches in Honolulu (KHON)
  • Did You Notice That This Week Is Infrastructure Week, Again? (Bond Buyer)
  • Sean

    “Freeway Expansion Plan Would Devastate Downtown Dallas ”
    You dudes’ pearl clutching is getting more and more comical.
    What’s next?
    “Lack of streetcare to RAZE Nashville”?
    “Albuquerque’s BRT failure EXTINGUISHES ALL LIFE in New Mexico”?

  • Jonathan Krall

    Did you even click on the linked article? The headline of that article, in D Magazine, is “TxDOT’s Secret Plan to Destroy Downtown Dallas.” If you think that’s over the top, go complain to D Magazine.

  • Sean

    I did click through.
    The fact that both headline writers are completely untethered from reality is no defense of StreetsBlog.