Today’s Headlines

  • Professional Anti-Transit Troll Randal O’Toole At It Again (USA Today)
  • New Uber CEO Tries to Repair Company’s Image (WaPo)
  • Startup Bird Wants to Make It Legal to Ride E-Scooters on the Sidewalk (Quartz)
  • Atlantans Bicker Over Ditching Suicide Lanes on DeKalb Avenue (Saporta Report)
  • Riding a Bike in Downtown St. Louis — Fun But Dangerous (Riverfront Times)
  • New Orleans (WWL) and Boston (NBC 10) Residents Advocate for Bike Lanes
  • Charlotte’s Blue Line Results Have Been Mixed So Far (Observer)
  • Federal RRFB Ban Means Miami Can’t Fix Many Crosswalk Beacons (Local 10)
  • Portland Uses Pot Revenue to Fund Vision Zero Improvements (High Times)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Great headlines today. One, “suicide lanes” are long a thing of the past. A reversible lane is not the same thing. Two, as noted already, RRFB’s are once again allowed. Old news. The article even says that FHWA has restored the interim approval to use them. And under the previous approval existing ones could remain. Sheesh

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