Seattle Bike Lane Opponents Say Moms Don’t Use Bike Lanes, Get Owned by Biking Moms

A Seattle group fighting a plan for safer bike lanes and better crosswalks on 35th Avenue really stepped in it last week with a Tweet claiming that “single mothers” don’t bike.

Lots of local moms begged to differ.

The replies on Twitter were so strong that the bike lane opponents, known as “Save 35th Ave NE,” deleted the Tweet and — LOL — the whole account. But don’t worry, Tom Fucoloro at Seattle Bike Blog screencapped the whole exchange:moms tweet


Screen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-1.58.36-PMScreen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-1.59.11-PMScreen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-1.59.23-PMScreen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-2.00.52-PMScreen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-2.02.03-PMScreen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-2.02.33-PMScreen-Shot-2018-03-23-at-2.02.14-PMThere are many more replies preserved for posterity over at Seattle Bike Blog.

Fucoloro hopes the response will get bike lane opponents to “question some of their assumptions about who bikes and why these bike lanes might actually be good for their neighborhood.” All people are asking for is a route where they can bike separated from car traffic:

Graphic: City of Seattle
Image: City of Seattle

In other news: Better Burque reports that Albuquerque is removing its only protected bike lane. For shame! And Market Urbanism reviews the impact of shifting parking requirements on apartment construction in Portland.


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