Today’s Headlines

  • D.C. Metro Needs $15 Billion for Repairs, Let Alone New Projects (WaPo)
  • Thousands Ride Charlotte Blue Line on Opening Weekend (WSOC)
  • Anti-Tax Zealot Opposes Nashville Transit Referendum (Forbes)
  • Without Transit, Atlanta Beltline Will Gentrify, Founder Ryan Gravel Says
  • Major Birmingham Commercial Corridor Will Become Complete Street (
  • Operating Costs for Seattle Streetcar on the Rise (Seattle Times)
  • Complete Streets Helped Turn Around Downtown South Bend (Tribune)
  • Dockless Bike-Share Companies Take a Gradual Approach to Expansion in U.S. Cities (Reuters)
  • Former CDC Planner Lists 10 Ways to Design Healthier Cities (Urban Milwaukee)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. So if you support a big tax increase then you are an “advocate”? But if you oppose it then you are a “zealot”?

    Fun with words.

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