Today’s Headlines

  • Blue States and Transit Get the Shaft Under Trump Infrastructure Plan (Politico)
  • Failure to Raise Gas Tax Makes Trump Infrastructure Plan a “Joke” (Daily Beast)
  • Texans Dislike Plan (American-Statesman), Except for Fort Worth Mayor (Dallas News)
  • Trump Promises to Approve Miami Rail Permits “So Fast Your Head Will Spin” (Herald)
  • Trump Budget Trims D.C. Metro Subsidy by $30 Million (WaPo)
  • Detroit Streetcar Delayed After Driver Parks Too Close to Tracks (Free Press)
  • Birmingham Plan Includes 800 Miles of Bike/Ped Paths and Trails (WBRC)
  • Oklahoma City’s First Streetcar Arrives (Oklahoman, KFOR)
  • Wired Lays Out the Case for Taxing Vehicles by the Mile