Today’s Headlines

  • Outline of Trump Infrastructure Plan Leaked to Axios
  • Tampa Bay Times Has More Detail on Proposed Bus Rapid Transit
  • Sharrows Don’t Do a Whole Lot of Good Most of the Time (Bicycling)
  • Drivers Were Left Out of Uber’s IPO Windfall (L.A. Times)
  • South Phoenix Light Rail Enters Final Planning Stage (New Times)
  • Lawsuit Seeks to Halt Greensboro, NC, Parking Deck (News & Record)
  • Norman-Oklahoma City Rail Takes Step Forward (Transcript)
  • Seattle Times: Sound Transit Can Fix Car Tab Without Sacrificing Funding
  • Hogan Offers Amazon $2B in Transpo Improvements to Come to Maryland (Post)
  • Calls for Investigation After Brightline Trains Hit 3 People (Sun Sentinel, WPEC)
  • Dallas Residents Make Street Art Out of Discarded Bikes (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

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