Today’s Headlines

  • St. Louis Officials Unveil Plan for New Light Rail Line (KMOV, KWMU)
  • Glendale, AZ, Will Spend $162M in Light Rail Money on Roads Instead (Star)
  • Maryland’s Purple Line Still Expected to Open in 2022 (WaPo)
  • Richmond Retimes Traffic Lights to Improve Pedestrian Safety (WTVR)
  • Raleigh Building Its First Protected Bike Lane (News & Observer)
  • Weather-Related Problems Plague Cincinnati Streetcar (WLWT)
  • The Oklahoman Has Photos of OK City’s New Streetcars, Arriving Next Month
  • Albuquerque Cycling Advocates Want to Ban Parking in Bike Lanes (KRGE)
  • What Drives Itself in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (Fortune)
  • johnaustingreenfield

    My first thought was, “What, the Raleigh bicycle company is getting into the bike infrastructure business now?”

  • Courtney

    Oh Glendale. =[ You could easily spend that $162 mil on making streets more hospitable to bikers and bus rapid transit or just beefed up bus service.
    Americans can be so short-sighted.

  • I’m all for pointing out money getting shifted around, but the line being used here is inaccurate and really does a disservice to Glendale’s decision. While some is going to roads, nowhere near the entire amount is and in fact, transit is taking the biggest share of the recommended projects. The relevant section of the article is quoted below.

    Staff recommendations of the estimated funds were $44.1 million to streets and highway projects; $56.6 million to transit expansion; $10.7 million to bicycle and pedestrian projects; $10.5 million to Transportation System Management/Intelligent Transportation Systems (TSM/ITS) projects and $40.5 million to current program extensions.