Today’s Headlines

  • Letters to Milwaukee Mayor Run Five-to-One Against Streetcar (Fox 6)
  • Boston Cracks Down on Residential Speeders (Daily Free Press)
  • More Drivers Are Stopping at Ann Arbor Crosswalks (Michigan Daily)
  • Downtown Des Moines Plan Calls for Fewer Car Lanes, More Bike Lanes (Register)
  • Miami’s Problem Isn’t Scarce Parking, It’s Too Many Cars (Herald)
  • Oklahoma City Streetcars Could Go Driverless (News 9)
  • Transit Is the Dominant Issue in Cincinnati Politics (WCPO)
  • D.C. Council Bill Would Raise Sales Tax to Fund Metro (Post)
  • 70 Percent of Seattle Commuters Walk, Bike, or Take Transit (Mobility Lab)
  • Autonomous Chinese “Rail Bus” Treats the Street Like a Track (Curbed)

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