Today’s Headlines

  • Chao: “Nothing Is Off the Table” for Infrastructure Plan — But Nothing’s on the Table, Either (WDRB)
  • People Are Dying on the Streets Because We’re Addicted to Cars and BikePortland Is Fed Up
  • Rebuffed by TxDOT, Parents of Dead Teen Finally Convince City to Build Sidewalks (Temple Daily Telegram)
  • Orlando-Area Highway Authority Trumpets $580 Million Plan to Widen Expressway (Sentinel)
  • DART Needs Better Buses to Help Poor Residents Connect With Far-Away Job Centers (Dallas News)
  • Tampa Bay Business Leaders Want Elected Officials to Step Up to the Plate for Transit (TB Times)
  • Reason Foundation’s “Practical Strategies” for Atlanta Transportation Primarily Involve Road Expansion (AJC)
  • After Hogan Cancelled Red Line, Baltimore Transit Riders Feel Slighted by Bus Reshuffle (WaPo)
  • Amalgamated Transit Union Funds Nascent Riders Interest Group to Sway WMATA Policy (WAMU)
  • Honolulu City Council Passes Bill to Prohibit Pedestrians From Using Phones (Hawaii News Now, Mashable)

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