Today’s Headlines

  • Man Drives Motor Vehicle Onto Sidewalk, One Dead in Latest London Terrorist Attack (BBC)
  • American Drivers Killed at Least Three Pedestrians on Sidewalks Last Week (, ABC 15 1, 2)
  • Baltimore’s Revamped Bus Network Launched This Weekend (Sun 1, 2)
  • Charm City Finally Seemed to Be Moving In the Right Direction Until Mayor Pugh Caved to Bikelash (Sun)
  • NACTO’s Kate Fillin-Yeh: Cities Need to Think Things Through Before Embracing “Rogue” Bike-Share (CityLab)
  • Subways Across Downtown Portland? Planners Float Idea to Add Capacity to Maxed-Out Light Rail (Oregonian)
  • Seattle Suburb Wants to Make Sure Its Light Rail Station Is Surrounded by Even More Parking (Kent Reporter)
  • Planners in Lexington, KY, Argue Against Expanding Urban Growth Boundary (Herald-Leader)
  • “Free” Parking Has Hidden Costs (Austin Biz Journal); Meanwhile, in Hong Kong: The $664,000 Space (NYT)
  • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Embraces Elon Musk’s Terrible Tunnel But You Don’t Have To (US News, @ElonMusk)

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  1. “Charm City” is Baltimore, for all of you who don’t speak Baltimorese, Hon.

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