Talking Headways Podcast: Lightsaber Fights From Autonomous Pods

This week’s guest is Dr. Lisa Schweitzer of USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy. In the first of a two-part series, Dr. Schweitzer talks about how her students respond to urban planning classes, what a recent controversy in a Los Angeles City Council election reveals about bike advocacy, and autonomous vehicles and land use policy.

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  1. I stopped all giving and community work with the LA County Bike Coalition after we were sold out by that organization and “social justice” was used an an excuse to stop a
    bike lane project in an area with a high proportion of low income
    non-white utility cyclists.

    The LA Bike Coalition has become a jobs act for people dedicated to lip service and not community service. The 2,000+ petition I helped build up has been used to advertise the bike coalition, and not as a tool to effectively organize and advocate for actual, physical, cultural, change in the way the city is planned and operated.

    My neighbors have died, my commute is loud and dangerous and polluted and we’ve lost 7+ years obeying the “process” and listening to non-profits.

    Now we’re being told we’re not “diverse” enough. Well take a look at the streets and tell me we’re not diverse enough. I support meaningful, rapid, change in the way our city
    streets are designed and the way our culture is oriented towards cyclists. Beyond that, start your own NGO for your social justice causes or you can expect a continued dwindling of your membership and dues.

    Our local non-profits are, for the most part, a bought and paid for subsidiary of the governments and departments they claim to lobby for change. They are constantly fighting for a pay check from government agencies instead of working form the ground up to build up a self-supporting membership and social network of private donors.

    I’ve grown incredibly cynical about this whole “social justice” bent I keep hearing about while I’m watching neighbors die in the streets like stray dogs. We can do better than this.

  2. It’s below the text. If you can’t see it, feel free to look up Talking Headways on Stitcher or iTunes.

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