Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Administration Stalls on Rule Requiring States to Disclose GHG Impact of Highway Projects (Hill)
  • Congress Gave Green Light, But Chao Refuses to Send Caltrain Electrification Money Out the Door (Mercury News)
  • Driver Kills Times Square Pedestrian — A Regular Occurrence Elsewhere in NYC and US (CityLab, Daily News)
  • Advocates Blast Boston’s “Vision Zero” Mayor Marty Walsh for Blaming Crash Victims (Globe, Metro)
  • Mark Warner and Roy Blunt Introduce National Infrastructure Bank Bill in Senate (Hill)
  • Federal Government Wants to Know How Honolulu Will Fill Funding Gap for Partially-Completed Rail Line (AP)
  • Seattle Times Puzzles Over Why More People Don’t Bicycle Without Protected Bike Lanes
  • Boise Takes Another Swing at Downtown Streetcar (Idaho Statesman)
  • Beckham-Backed Miami Soccer Stadium Would Be Built Without Government Funds — Or Parking (Miami Herald)
  • Bike-Share: If It Will Play in Peoria… (WCBU)

4 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. “Pedestrians need to put their head up when they’re walking down the street, take your headphones off. … You’ve got to understand, cars are going to hit you,”
    -Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

    Wow. This statement. I’m willing to bet this is taken partially out of context, but still. Notice he didn’t tell drivers to turn off their radios and roll down their windows; it’s up to the pedestrians to be present and avoid distractions. Oh, and my favorite: ‘you’re going to get hit so just accept it.’ Unbelievable. He might be a Vision Zero advocate, but this is truly tone deaf, which makes one wonder if his advocacy is anything more than lip service for political expediency.

  2. Not really fair, in my opinion, for Streetsblog to compare a driver high on drugs with the specific intent to kill as many pedestrians as possible with his vehicle to the tragic *accidents* which result in pedestrian casualties.

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