Today’s Headlines

  • Slate: Pouring Money Into Roads Is a Dead End
  • Jared Kushner Also in Charge of Shaping Trump’s Infrastructure Plan (CNBC)
  • Deadly Texas Crash Could Influence State’s Texting-While-Driving Bill (Houston Chron)
  • California Advances $52B Transpo Bill With Gas Tax Hike (Mercury News)
  • What’s in Store for Michigan’s Most Important Street? (D Mag)
  • Meet the “MARTA Army” Working for Transpo Change in Atlanta (Atlanta Mag)
  • What Would It Take for the U.S. to Replicate Bogota’s World-Class BRT? (GGW)
  • Utah Judge Allows Provo BRT to Move Forward (Salt Lake Trib)
  • World Bike Forum Takes Place This Month in Mexico City (Mexico City News)