Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Administration Deals a Blow to Caltrain Electrification (SF Chronicle)
  • Will Trump Punish Sanctuary Cities By Withholding Funds for Transportation Projects? (Politico)
  • Instead of “Climate Change,” FHWA Now Refers to “Resilience” (WaPo)
  • New York Times Profiles Denver’s Backward Plan to Widen an Urban Highway
  • Nebraska Senator Deb Fisscher Wants to Fund Transportation With Border Fees (Washington Examiner)
  • Surge of Pedestrian Deaths in Chicago Shows No Signs of Slowing (DNAinfo)
  • Bike Lane Vigilante Targets Philly’s Illegal Parkers (Philly Voice)
  • GOP Lawmakers Trying to Divert Twin Cities Light Rail Money to Roads and Bridges (Star Tribune)
  • WA Lawmakers Want to Revive Boondoggle Megahighway Bridge Outside Portland (Planetizen)