Today’s Headlines

  • New York Times’ Room for Debate Weighs in on Trump’s Infrastructure Plan
  • Trump Seems to Be Backing Off Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Initiative (AP)
  • Culture Change at Detroit’s Planning Department — Focus on “20-Minute Neighborhoods” (Planetizen)
  • After $1.6 Billion Widening, LA’s 405 Is Just as Congested; NYT Asks, “Was It Worth It?”
  • SF Considers Legal Action Against Uber for Jumping the Gun With Self-Driving Cars (SF Examiner)
  • Uber Lost $800 Million in the 3rd Quarter of 2016 (Bloomberg)
  • Vox: Elon Musk’s Idea to Use Tunnels to Bypass Traffic Would Never Work
  • Helsinki to Offer Multi-Modal Mobility Service That Will Be Cheaper Than Driving (Fast Company)
  • Seattle’s Westlake Avenue Bike Lane Wins “Best of the Year” From People for Bikes

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. I saw someone else’s mock-up of the 30-levels-of-traffic idea somewhere, although I think it was aboveground. The idea of devoting so much space to motor traffic, and the crazy system of ramps needed to navigate it, is absolutely nuts. How would we pay for such an expensive and inefficient system of diminishing returns?

  2. Musk’s idea is just typical technobabble, though to be fair I think his tweets about it were mostly in jest. But it is amazing how many tech types and their followers think they’re re-inventing the wheel. I mean, underground tunnels for vehicle traffic? Why haven’t we thought of that before?!

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