Today’s Headlines

  • How America’s “Infrastructure” Conversation Gets It Wrong (Bloomberg)
  • The Key Question About Autonomous Cars: Will Everyone Own One, or Will We Share? (Slate)
  • Eno Transportation Releases Database of Upcoming Transit Ballot Issues
  • D.C. to Cap a Highway Trench With Five Buildings (NYT)
  • If SEPTA Workers Strike, Expect People to Turn to Bicycling (Philly Voice)
  • Pedestrian Deaths Reached Record High in Maine Last Year (Bangor Daily News)
  • Support for Transit Villain/Trump Lapdog Chris Christie Has “Imploded” in Jersey (The Atlantic)
  • Angry Driver Who Knocked CA Radio Host Off His Bike on Charity Ride Not Arrested (ABC 10)
  • Study Finds More U.S. Neighborhoods Becoming Racially Integrated (