Today’s Headlines

  • Hoboken Train Crash Highlights Absence of Life-Saving Safety Tech (The Hill)
  • Chris Christie Has Let NJ Transit Go to Seed (NYT)
  • Parking Policy People Are Excited About the White House’s Housing Announcement (Next City)
  • Foxx Hypes the “Smart City” (Fed Scoop)
  • Charleston Voters to Decide on $600M for Transit (Post & Courier)
  • Chicago Moves Forward on Red Line Extension (Chicago Trib)
  • Will Powerful Backers Be the Trick for Boston’s North-South Rail Link? (Boston Mag)
  • Three City Bike Orgs That Are Shaking Things Up (Momentum Mag)
  • Uber and Lyft Illegal Again in Philly (Plan Philly)
  • When “Within Walking Distance” Doesn’t Mean “Walkable” (GGW)

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