Today’s Headlines

  • Charleston Decides Today If Transpo Tax Goes to Ballot (Post & Courier)
  • Drowsy Driving’s Role in Traffic Crashes (USA Today)
  • Feds Blast DC Metro for Systemic Deficiencies (WaPo)
  • Animated Map Shows How High-Speed Rail Could Transform U.S. Travel (Business Insider)
  • Costs for Twin Cities Light Rail Continue to Climb (StarTrib)
  • Do Atlantans Really Own Fewer Cars Than Seattleites? (
  • Crowded Light Rail Cars in Seattle Show Ridership Surging (Seattle Times)
  • Cleveland Police Hang on to Their Bikes After RNC (Next City)
  • After Fatality, Self-Driving Car Development Could Actually Speed Up (The Conversation)
  • Oklahoma Funnels Funds to Bike/Ped Projects (Edmond Sun)

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