Today’s Headlines

  • Suburban Atlanta Officials Grant Braves Stadium Owner Legal Parking Monopoly (Deadspin)
  • Dozens of Projects Shut Down by Christie as NJ Transpo Funds Run Out (Burlington County News)
  • Second Tesla Autopilot Crash Happens in Pennsylvania (NYT)
  • Average Daily Ridership on the Kansas City Streetcar: 6,000 (KC Star)
  • Milwaukee Okays $40 Million Streetcar Extension to Bucks Stadium (Urban Milwaukee)
  • County Highway Commission Votes 3-2 Against Bike Lanes in Downtown Boise (Boise Weekly)
  • #FreshKermit: El Paso Gets it First Green Bike Lane (KFox14)
  • Houses Are Getting Bigger, Yard Sizes Getting Smaller (Atlantic)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. On same day the auto Tesla crashed, about 90 Americans were killed and 6,500 Americans were seriously injured in car crashes.

    Self driving cars will always drive the speed limit. That is a winner

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