Today’s Headlines

  • Retiring Amtrak CEO Foresees “More Robust” Rail System (WBUR)
  • Boston Eyes Income-Based Discounts for Transit Riders (Boston Globe)
  • California Governor Steers Rising Cap-and-Trade Funds Toward Transit, Affordable Housing (Gov Tech)
  • Seattle Times Shares Details of Peter Rogoff’s Three-Year Contract for “Non-Stop Work” on Sound Transit
  • Why Aren’t the Feds Working on a National Policy for Driverless Cars? (Gizmodo)
  • How Will Driverless Cars Affect Bike Planning? (Planetizen)
  • There’s a Development Boom By Dallas’s New Toll Road (Dallas Morning News)
  • Uber Partners with TransLoc in Effort to Ally With Public Transit (Reuters)
  • How “Happy Maps” Can Change Our Experience of Cities (NPR/Ted Talks)