Today’s Headlines

  • McConnell and Boxer Release Bill Just in Time to Get It Shot Down — For Now (National Journal, Politico)
  • Bill Proposes Selling Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Assumes 90% Rise in Oil Prices (The Hill)
  • Here Are the Other Pay-Fors in the McConnell-Boxer Bill (The Hill)
  • Foxx: Failure to Build Tunnel Under the Hudson “Almost Criminal” (Capital New York)
  • Maryland Officials Searching for a Lower-Cost Alternative to the Red Line (WBAL)
  • Rhode Island Gov Ousts Top Transportation Officials (AP)
  • Flooding Reveals Vulnerabilities in California Bridges (AP)
  • Motor City Has 170 Miles of Bike Lanes (Model D)
  • The Suburban Office Park Is Joining the Shopping Mall in the Junk Heap of Architectural History (WaPo)
  • Low-Density Zoning Makes Public Education an Asset of the Wealthy (District MeasuredVox)
  • Mileage-Based User Fees Won’t Work If You Don’t Plan for Inflation (Tax Justice)

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