Today’s Headlines

  • Will the Transpo Bill Hit the Fed or Big Banks for $$? (NYT)
  • House Bill Includes “Devastating Cut” for Northeast Transit Agencies (Buffalo News)
  • Why Don’t More Talented Democratic Mayors Reach the National Stage? (CityLab)
  • As Driverless Cars Become Closer to Reality, Why Are Policy Wonks Still Stuck in the Past? (HuffPo)
  • LaHood Writes on White House’s Missed Chance With Gas Tax Hike (Detroit News)
  • Foxx Takes a Ride on Japan’s Maglev Train — Could Same Tech Work for DC-NYC Rail? (WSJ)
  • Stanford Remains at Top of the Heap of Bike-Friendly Universities (League of American Bicyclists)
  • Voter-Approved “Move Seattle” Money About to Hit the Streets (Seattle Times)
  • Boulder’s Parking Policies Get a Makeover (Daily Camera)