Brutal Jaywalking Arrest in Austin Caught on Video

Austin police were captured on video beating a group of “jaywalkers” into submission late last Wednesday in an incident that reeks of racial profiling.

The arrest was recorded and shared on Facebook by Rolando Ramiro. He told the website Photography is Not a Crime that he and a group of friends were trying to cross a street that had been barricaded and closed to car traffic. As they crossed the street, an officer demanded ID, Ramiro said, and one of the friends refused. Then three of the five were tackled and punched by the police.

“We were just walking,” Jeremy Kingg, one of the men arrested, told news site ATTN:. “I wasn’t doing anything to be a threat and they started using extreme force.”

Kingg, Matthew Wallace, and Lourdes Glen were arrested and charged with walking against the light. Wallace was also charged with resisting arrest.

Kingg told ATTN: that he thinks race factored into the arrests because two of the five people crossing the street in the group, presumably lighter-skinned, were not detained. (You can hear them protesting, one from behind the camera, in the above video.)

Austin police were under fire for an aggressive jaywalking arrest less than two years ago when a young female jogger was cuffed and arrested in a “jaywalking sting” operation.

In addition to being a completely ineffective way to make anyone safer, jaywalking enforcement is clearly a path to harassment and the dangerous escalation of situations that would otherwise harm no one. For Jeremy Kingg, walking in Austin won’t be the same again:

35 thoughts on Brutal Jaywalking Arrest in Austin Caught on Video

  1. You know, this type of behaviour from the police makes me very unwilling to visit the US for any tourism reasons. Sometimes I might have to travel there, and there are places that I’d like to visit, but I have to think very carefully about the risks of doing so. It’s such a shame. Yes, such a result is unlikely, but seems like there are safer places in the world to travel at this point.

  2. That’s what happens when you break the law. Imagine all these jawyalkers had guns!

    The goal here should be to respect the law, not focus on supposed police brutality. Because the same cops that kick jaywalkers apart are the same ones that take people’s guns and bombs away. I know people affected by the sandy hook shooting, the police should ALWAYS have the ability to stop and frisk someone and these people should have obeyed the law.

  3. Are you for real? I don’t think you’re for real. Nobody could really believe what you say. Are you telling me, when you’re driving, you never exceed the speed limit by even 1 mph, and if you do, you’d be totally okay with being dragged from you car, roughed up a bit and put in prison?

  4. First of all I obey the law because I love my children. So no, I NEVER, EVER, go over the limit.

    Second of all, I’ve been to school in NYC. Stop-and-Frisk cleaned up the city and I’ve seen people arrested for carrying guns on them. Like, just imagine the thought of walking down the street and someone else has a gun in their pocket! It’s really scary.

    As for Jaywalkers, street crossings exist for a reason. And many of the Stop-and-Frisks I’ve seen happened because a police officer stopped a Jaywalker.

    It’s a public safety issue, plain and simple. I have nothing against Pedestrians, as I’m often one myself, but the law exists for a reason.

  5. It’s often safer to cross against the light, or midblock. Jaywalking laws exist for the convenience of cars. People should be able to cross streets whenever traffic is clear, not just when the light is green. The pigs were clearly abusing their authority here.

  6. Jaywalking is such a heinous, violent, dangerous crime that the police should use all force necessary to subdue offenders. Watching that video, I’m still wondering why those cops didn’t open fire. Their lives were obviously in danger.

  7. Your ignorance is terrifying. I’m no libertarian, I’m actually fairly socialist, but people like you, who argue for a totalitarian police state really do terrify me.

  8. Joe is correct Stop and Frisk did not not “clean” up the city as you are stating. It’s a now illegal systematic tactic that was used majority on the youth. And actually finding a weapon of any sort through stop and frisk wasn’t common. Their focus was on small charges such as marijuana possession. After New York changed their drug laws, carrying a certain amount of Marijuana was no more than a ticket. <– only if concealed but if can be seen to the public than it's a misdemeanor aka automatically now in the system.. so you stop frisk expose the marijuana and there ya go. stop and frisk is only a small part to a long chain of systems keeping the poor poor, minorities seen as less superior, and prison pipelines. CIA recently has admitted the abuse and NYC actually released the estimate numbers of victims of harsh punishments due stop and frisk. While stating that they are going to do everything to correct the problem, retrain officers etc. just research it.

  9. Hahaha… America!
    “What if they had guns. Then what….”
    Why can’t you guys see just get rid of guns and then EVERYTHING else becomes a bit easier. I can cross the streets in UK wherever I damn well please, and I can even have a drink of beer in my hand.

  10. Btw, the roads were barricaded, and therefore no cars. And no, they don’t have the right to just frisk anyone for no reason.

  11. WTF are you talking about? This is Texas, where the government’s policy is to encourage as many people as possible to have guns. Those “jaywalkers” really could have been armed, and it really could have gone tragically (comically?) in the direction of fresh pork splattered on the sidewalk.

    Stop ‘n frisk advocates are baffling. Don’t you ever worry that someday you’ll be a victim of a random stop ‘n frisk? Oh, no, of course not, because you’re a pasty white suburbanite. Stop ‘n frisk is for swarthy people in poor urban neighborhoods.

  12. Most places have fat cops. Police have to meet modestly difficult physical standards to get hired, but don’t usually have to maintain them.

    Also, cops are generally not very educated, have high-ish levels of stress, are often sedentary, drive a lot, and have middling intelligence scores. I think all these things are risk factors for obesity.

  13. Jaywalking is gateway crime to terrorism. Osama Bin Laden was a jaywalker!

    I though for sure that fat pig getting out of his car at 1:50 was going to kick that chick in handcuffs. He must of held back the last second.

  14. You’re simply wrong about stop-and-frisk — but I don’t blame you for not knowing the facts. So I’ll tell you the facts.

    The crime rate declined in other cities at the same time as it did in New York City… other cities which didn’t engage in illegal, unconstitutional stop-and-frisk. So there’s no correlation — stop-and-frisk couldn’t have had anything to do with the crime drop.

    It turns out the drop in the crime rate was mostly due to the removal of lead from gasoline 18 years earlier. There is now *overwhelming* evidence of this! (There are dozens of followup articles and studies now. I have never seen such strong evidence in any of the social sciences.)

    See, it turns out that kids with mild or moderate lead poisoning as babies grow up to be impulsive, violent, stupid young adults, who proceeded to commit street crime. As the lead was removed, each generation of kids got better than the last and as a result street crime dropped.

  15. Visiting the US is somewhat less safe than visiting Russia. It’s nothing like visiting a war zone, but it is worse than most countries at peace. You’re probably safer in North Korea.

  16. Same shit happend to me in Garden Grove CA in a calm residential neighborhood in front of my ex chicks front yard. Cops pulled up like they were gang banging on us. and when they confronted me i said whats going on did i do something wrong? I asked over and over but they kept screaming at me to get on the ground. I told him no u have no reason to pull me over and i havent done anything but mind my business. So he attacked me and fractured my ribs thru me in the car and slammed my foot against the door. He tried telling me i was jaywalking when were bot even on the main street were in a quiet residential 1way street where there are no cross walks or sidewalks to walk on. I kept denying his accusations and asked for his name and badge number. Then he got more pissed off and threatendd to take me arpund the corner to fuck me up. Thats when i said im not saying anything until i c a lawyer. And he continued to yell and try to intimidate me to answer his questions. All bbecaus i knew my rights and chose to exercise them. Police hate when people know their rights as citizens and hate it even more when its a black or latino.

  17. Jaywalking is not a crime that deserves anything but polite police walking up to offender and handing the offender a ticket or warning . What was on the video is beyond wrong , beyond abusive , beyond disrespectful of those that police serve . An adult can cross a street without a mechanical device telling the adult it is safe to cross after all red lights are run all of the time therefore no symbol lighting up across the street would help stop the vehicle running the red light . Again what was on the video is LEOs being abusive to adult citizens for a minor law infraction .

  18. I was going to post the same thing, but you did a good job of pointing out that this crime is a gateway to more serious crimes. Good citizens don’t jaywalk, only people like Osama Bin Laden.

  19. I take offensive that “pasty white suburbanite” slanderous remark. I live in the country.

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