Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Threatens to Veto GOP Transpo (Under-) Funding Measure (The Hill)
  • Sec. of State John Kerry Breaks Leg Bicycling in Switzerland (Bicycling)
  • Three House Dems Push Bill to Strengthen NHTSA’s Ability to Police Auto Safety (Detroit News)
  • All-Powerful Bike Lobby Blasts Proposal to Cut Bike Funding (WSJ)
  • Texas Governor Signs $4 Billion Transportation Bill (WFAA)
  • Having Ruled Out Mechanical Failure, Investigators Stumped Over Cause of Amtrak Crash (NYT, The Hill)
  • Crash Shines Spotlight on Positive Train Control, Due By Year’s End (National Journal)
  • The Better Bike Share Partnership Awards $375,000 For Bike Share Equity (People for Bikes)
  • New Streetfilms Series Shows How Far Cycling Has Come in the UK
  • The Most Beautiful Parking Garage Ever: Space for 5,000 Bikes (CityLab)

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