Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. Mayors Tell Washington Their Biggest Problem Is Crumbling Infrastructure (Politico)
  • Polls Show Voters Would Support a 10-Cent Gas Tax Hike (The Hill)
  • American Cities Are Beginning to Embrace Pedestrian Safety (Utne Reader)
  • American Lung Association Ranks Places by Air Quality
  • Is Oregon’s Per-Mile Tax Policy Running Up Against a Serious Problem? (Planetizen)
  • More Regions Are Ending Suburban-Urban Job Competition (National Journal)
  • In Finland, the $58,000 Speeding Ticket (My Parking Sign)
  • 94110

    The article on Oregon’s per-mile tax is sort of… ironic? Lets take this step by step:

    1. Gas tax revenue falls due to more energy efficient vehicles.
    2. Replace gas tax with per mile tax.
    3. Vary per-mile price according to MPG.

    There already is a per-mile tax that varies according to pollution. It’s called the gas tax.