Parking Madness Final Four: Camden vs. Fort Worth

We started this Parking Madness tournament with 16 soulless parking craters from California to New Jersey, and you’ve narrowed it down to the Final Four: Camden, Fort Worth, Syracuse, and the very aptly-named Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Today and tomorrow your votes will determine who gets a shot at the title and Streetsblog’s coveted Golden Crater.



Joseph Russell nominated this eyesore on Camden’s waterfront, which crushed the competition from Mobile in round one and Detroit in round two. Here’s how Russell explains the problem:

My entry: the neighborhood-killing parking lots on the waterfront in Camden, New Jersey. Years ago, this area housed factories for companies like RCA. Ever since, they’ve been used as parking lots for the equally neighborhood-deadening L3 Building, which is essentially a fortress separating employees from the rest of the city. Residents of the Cooper-Grant neighborhood are trying to rebuild a viable neighborhood here, and the negative effects of these huge parking lots stand directly in the way of that goal.

Ugly. But ugly enough to deserve a trip to the finals? Let’s see how Fort Worth stacks up.

Fort Worth

This entry, which came from an anonymous commenter, steamrolled over Boise and Tampa in earlier rounds. Here’s how our tipster explained this area of Fort Worth:

Right next to downtown. Featuring not one, not two, but THREE 6-7 story parking garages spanning five city blocks. That would be fine, but there are another eight full blocks with surface parking lots (three of them are riverfront property) with an additional five blocks partially taken by surface parking. Oh, and there’s on street parking as well. Overkill… The area is centered on E 2nd St & Grove St, Fort Worth, TX.

A remarkably even match, if you ask us. Vote below to decide which one deserves a shot at everlasting shame.

Which city has the worst parking crater?

  • Camden (51%, 145 Votes)
  • Fort Worth (49%, 139 Votes)

Total Voters: 284

10 thoughts on Parking Madness Final Four: Camden vs. Fort Worth

  1. One or two more multi-level parking lots would remove the need for most of those Camden riverfront lots. I’m surprised Google found them that full.

    As a gauge of parking demand, I’ll mention that Cirque du Soleil was able to take over some of the lots near the top of that photo for a couple of months for their show two years back.

  2. That’s what does it for me, too. The huge lost potential. And Camden sits across from Center City Philadelphia, which is seeing a HUGE renaissance while Camden just sits there.

  3. The worst part of Camden’s lots is that fences separate each and every one, so you can’t cut diagonally through them. These fences make the situation worse, like adding insult to injury…

  4. Don’t forget, Fort Worth is in Texas. All that state is good for is parking. Oh yeah, that’s right! Camden is in Jersey and I’m currently trying my damnedest to get out of here too!

  5. Had to vote for my neighbor here, and was stunned to see that Camden leads by three votes as of 11 AM Eastern time! I thought this would be another landslide win by Fort Worth, on its way to plaster Parkersburg in the final.

    Outside of Newark and Jersey City, this has to be one of, if not the, most transit-friendly locations in the entire state of New Jersey, no?

    There’s Walter Rand Transportation Center, with something like 26 bus lines (though some are only seasonal to Great Adventure and the like, I believe at least half of them are regular, permanent NJTransit bus routes) and the RiverLine light rail to Trenton, which connects with the heavy rail Atlantic City Line in Pennsauken and the Northeast Corridor in Trenton, with NJT rail to NYC and multiple Amtrak connections. There’s PATCO subway service into Center City, which is one of the nation’s only 24-hour rapid transit lines. There’s also the seasonal ferry to Penn’s Landing, and not to mention being walking / biking distance over the Ben Franklin right into the heart of Philadelphia.

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