Ad Nauseam: Use Any App You Want While Driving — Because Safety!

Here’s the latest in wishful thinking about distracted driving. A new application called “Drivemode” wants to make it easier for you to use all your mobile apps while you’re behind the wheel — but don’t worry it’s safe! Because, at least theoretically, you don’t actually have to look at your phone.

That’s the marketing message in this spot, which goes against study after study demonstrating that even hands-free devices still lead to a dangerous level of distraction while driving. Backed by “entrepreneurs from Zipcar and Tesla Motors along with various industry specialists,” Drivemode is still in beta testing and doesn’t appear to be in imminent danger of lulling millions of motorists into thinking they can safely drive and use Instagram, though it does have some slick marketing and won an obscure award for Android apps in September.

Meanwhile, an AT&T app that goes by a nearly identical name, DriveMode, is actually pretty great. The AT&T app can be set up to automatically respond to texts whenever you’re in motion exceeding 25 mph, with a message that says you’re driving and will respond when it’s safe.

  • HamTech87

    DriveMode doesn’t work with IPhone?

  • anon_coward

    nothing is installed on iphones except a few apple apps and the multitasking model is different

  • Brad Aaron

    His hands are all over that phone. What am I missing?

  • Joe R.

    Can’t looking at Facebook or Instagram wait until you get to your final destination? I might understand communications of a life or death nature being necessary while driving, but the social media stuff can wait. For that matter, it can wait while you’re walking, too.

    On the AT&T DriveMode app, why is is necessary to have an automated response to a text telling the person on the other end you’ll respond when it’s safe? Have people gotten to the point now that they always expect some immediate response whenever they text someone 24/7? We are becoming the Borg. Seriously, put the f-ing phone away and just enjoy life. People are just too available for their own good these days.

  • Roger B.

    The only app that will make a phone safe to use while driving is one that detects the motion of the car and shuts the screen down until the car is stopped.

  • maaaty

    The tennis ball to his nuts is a metaphor for a pedestrian to his windshield.

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    “Because Safety!” this is how all manner of legislation is passed – it’s the corallary to “think of the children”


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