Today’s Headlines

  • Why Aren’t Streetcars Meeting Basic Service Standards? (City Lab)
  • Northern Virginia’s New BRT Borrows From the Past (Next City)
  • Alaska Considers Selling Unused Ferry to Philipine Navy (Alaska Dispatch News)
  • Bike Lanes Come to Pittsburgh Bridges (Post-Gazette)
  • New Financing Tool Will Help California Build Infrastructure (California Economy Reporting)
  • Why Aren’t Cities Taking More Advantage of Smartphones for Transit? (City Lab)
  • Many Questions Remain About Cincinnati Streetcar Service (Enquirer)
  • Blame the Freight for the Amtrak Wait (Grist)
  • City Lab’s take on streetcar standards has multiple flaws; it’s hard to know where to start deconstructing them. Quick upshot: The day is quite young for the mode. It’ll work.

  • Bolwerk

    That is actually one of the better articles I’ve seen lately criticizing streetcar implementations. At least CityLab is trying to present data, unlike the Economist.

    Still, it should go without saying that nothing they mention doesn’t apply equally or moreso to existing bus systems. And, absolutely, even stubby lines can be the beginning of larger networks.