Today’s Headlines

  • Boston May Top Pedestrian Safety Lists, But Many Crashes Go Unreported (Boston Globe)
  • Former Obama Strategist David Plouffe to Head PR for Uber (Roll Call)
  • Bullet Trains in Texas “Could Change Everything” (Tucson Sentinel)
  • Pedestrians, Then Train Riders, Are the Happiest Commuters (City Lab)
  • Pennsylvania One of Several States Taking Control of Their Transpo Funding (Daily Signal)
  • Utah Looks to Walking, Biking for Transportation Revolution (SL Trib)
  • It’s Tough to Measure the Climate-Friendliness of Bike-Share (Climate Central)
  • With Revamped Plaza, Philly Has a “Front Porch for Civic Hub” (Inquirer)
  • Minneapolis Leaders Press for Bus Connections to New Light Rail (StarTrib)
  • How to Build for BRT (City Fix)
  • Why Doesn’t Transit Function Better in Athens, Georgia? (Flagpole Mag)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. At this point I’m wondering where the Ferguson related articles are. From being stopped for Jaywalking, to stroads for accommodation of military vehicles, to locking the gate all summer long on one of the two routes that thousand of people use to get home.

    The biggest story in the news right now stems from a Jaywalking offense, and Streetsblog has no comment?

  2. “Pedestrians, Then Train Riders, Are the Happiest Commuters”

    Exactly what you’d expect, but nice to see hard data.

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