Today’s Headlines

  • States Bypass D.C. to Come Up With Their Own Transpo Funding (Governing)
  • WaPo Tags Along With New Silver Line Riders
  • With Metro and New Plaza, Tysons Corner Starts to Feel Urban (GGW)
  • Streetcar Tracks Arrive in Detroit (MLive)
  • What the “Southern Megalopolis” Could Look Like (WABE)
  • $3.9B High-Speed Rail Proposal Would Link Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia (AJC)
  • There’s No Rush to Sell High-Speed Rail Bonds in California (Fresno Bee)
  • Uber vs. Lyft Battle Downplays Vulnerability of the Whole Industry (Wired)
  • T Riders Save $13,000/Year, According to APTA (BostInno)
  • Nashville’s “Infill King” Has a Plan to Rein in Sprawl (Nashville Ledger)
  • All Over Albany Blog Tests Out Bike-Share Pilot

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