Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Committee Finds Compromise, While Camp’s New Bill Spurs More Divisions (Bloomberg)
  • Roll Call: Camp’s Plan Could Win By Default
  • And Blumenauer Continues Push for Gas Tax Hike (Oregonian)
  • Federal Transit Administration Turns 50 (The Hill)
  • Can There Be a Win-Win for the Beltline and Atlanta Public Schools? (Creative Loafing Atlanta)
  • Ending the Blight Caused By Syracuse’s Downtown Highway (Governing)
  • New Urbanism: It’s Not Just a Socialist Pipe Dream (The Week)
  • The Atlantic Offers a Primer on California High-Speed Rail
  • In Miami, Health Risks Linked to Suburban Sprawl (Miami Today)
  • Transportation Projects CAN Move Faster (City Lab)
  • Why Massachusetts Needs to Update Its Zoning (WBUR)

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