Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Finance Committee Hoping to Get Moving on Extension This Week (Roll Call)
  • White House Still Pushing Its Transpo Bill, Amid Crickets in Congress (The Hill)
  • WaPo’s Wonkblog Does Its “Five Graphs” Treatment on the Highway Trust Fund
  • WaPo Blows Holes in Grover Norquist’s Odd Assertion That Uber and Lyft Will Boost the GOP in Cities
  • Bill Ford Doing Some “Fundamental Rethinking” About the Car Business (WSJ)
  • The Twin Cities’ New Green Line: Slower Than a Bus, Costlier Than a Streetcar (Streets.MN)
  • To Meet Green Goals, Philly Can’t Just Improve Bike/Ped — It Has to Stop Subsidizing Driving (Next City)
  • These Maps Show Where Biking Is Faster Than Driving (WaPo)
  • NIMBYs Lose Court Challenge to Bay Area TOD Plan (Inside Bay Area)
  • Revolving Door Pays Off for Indiana Transpo Official Under Ethics Investigation (The Republic)
  • DC Tries Again to Protect Cyclists From Illegal U-Turns on Pennsylvania Avenue (WAMU)

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