Today’s Headlines

  • Senate to Mark Up Transpo Bill Next Week (The Hill)
  • In Denver, Foxx Celebrates Grand Opening of Union Station (Denver Biz Journal)
  • Under Discussion: “China-Russia-Canada-America” High-Speed Rail (Guardian)
  • Amtrak Returns to St. Paul After 43 Years (Railway Age)
  • WaPo Looks at the Transpo Funding Problem
  • Cycling’s on the Rise in Smaller Cities, Too (Atlantic Cities)
  • Costs Increase By $1B for Key Segment for California Bullet Train (LAT)
  • BRT Starts Rolling in Fort Collins Tomorrow (Coloradoan)
  • How Will Green Line Extension Affect Somerville Real Estate? (Boston Globe)
  • TSTC Ponders Projects NJ Could Have Funded Instead of “Bridgegate” Report

4 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The China HSR line across Siberia, Bering Sea, Alaska, British Columbia is a big ambition to dream to. To bad the US hasn’t had anything like this really since the space race to the moon.

  2. IMHO it’s silly. Maybe a freight line would make sense, but HSR would be best utilized moving people between cities within a few hours of each other – the kind of trips where flights roads (for bus or car) are impractical.

  3. I agree, but they could built a freight line and leave space for a high speed line, so when travel by air ever comes to costly, there could be an alternative. It is just a dream to inspire though.

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