Today’s Headlines

  • Two BART Workers Killed Doing Maintenance Work on Day Two of Strike (Bloomberg)
  • Argentina Deja-Vu Train Crashes at Site of Last Year’s Crash That Killed 52 (BBC)
  • Oil Train Derails, Ignites in Western Canada (Toronto Sun, Montreal Gazette)
  • Five Years After Voting For It, Californians Wish High-Speed Rail Would “Go Away” (AP)
  • In Some Places, Transit Service the Last to Return to Normal After Shutdown (Daily Statesman)
  • Illinois Chamber of Commerce CEO Warns of Coming Infrastructure Crisis (News-Gazette)
  • Colorado Governor “RAMP”s Up Road Spending, With a Little For Transit (Prowers Journal)
  • Will Gas Tax Paralysis Kill Pennsylvania’s Chances of Upgrading Its Transpo Network? (DelCo Times)
  • Iowa Legislator Declares Iowa City-to-Chicago Passenger Rail Hopes “Dead” (Des Moines Register)
  • Houston Mayor’s Executive Order on Complete Streets Doesn’t Cut It (Planetizen)
  • Massachusetts Brownfields Law Needs to Be Renewed to Encourage Infill Development (Globe)

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  1. Re : California HSR link
    1) That’s not “AP” – it’s actually “AP on WaPo”. The Washington Post‘s website is larded with JavaScript to the point of sclerosis.

    2) I would like to see some of the HSR opponents confess to being part of the mess. By strangling the cash flow during the initial planning stages they caused a sizable chunk of the silence and / or mixed messages on the part of the HSR construction agency.

    That restaurant that is in the way of the planned route. Does it have to be torn down ? Could it be moved, building and all, to a new location, perhaps as a part of the Fresno station campus ?

    Also, those farmers who will lose narrow strips of land to HSR – have they looked for an upside ? What about improved power and communications ? What about level crossing upgrades ?

    Articles like the one in the link hammer on the doom and gloom. They leave out the possibility of cross culverts for conduits and water pipes. They leave out a possible partnership with UCDavis (Calif.’s main aggie school) for operational improvements. Yes, there will be negative impacts from HSR but let’s also note the positive impacts.

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