Today’s Headlines

  • Maryland Invites Private Investment to the Purple Line (GGW)
  • New Truck Safety Regulations Aren’t Enough to Placate Advocates (The Hill)
  • Less Freight Moving By Truck, More By Rail Among NAFTA Partners (JOC x2)
  • New Park Capping I-70 in St. Louis Re-Connects Arch With Downtown (Fast Lane)
  • Philly Is Turning Away From the Automobile, But Developers Can’t See It (NextCity)
  • A New Common Sense Alternative to the Moribund Columbia River Crossing (Bike Portland)
  • In Toronto, Office Rents Near Transit Are 38 Percent Higher, Vacancy Rates Lower (Globe & Mail)
  • How a Visionary Mayor’s Smart Policies Brought About a Walking Boom in London (Economist)
  • DC’s Most Walkable Neighborhood Finally Excises Its Gas Station (GGW)
  • Cars as Weapons (Atlantic Cities)

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